Fone partner

Mobile Partner is a computer programmed designed for use with Huawei USB modem dongles. You can use the program to make calls and send and receive SMS messages from your computer on your mobile network. If you want to use a SIM card from a different network than the dongle was designed for, you'll need to unlock it first so that it can connect ... The Partner Program is designed for organizations that are already actively involved in business that can be supplemented by service offerings. Grow with us Generous monthly recurring commissions However we recommend you to inform the partner about tracking. Choose the app you like for cell phone tracking. Regards. Reply. Cinnamon says: March 8, 2020 at 9:44 pm Will my partner no that I’m tracking him? I like to see his phone calls and text. Reply. owner says: August 11, 2020 at 10:09 am Hi, Cinnamon! No, if you’ll use spy app. A man attacked his partner when she tried to break up with him, a court heard. In November 2019, Wally Hohaia Harrison was at his partner’s New Plymouth address. She was in the process of ending ... The label on the Partner 6 phone could say Euro 6 or just Partner 6. Most Partner phones will work on any of the Partner Plus, Partner II, and Partner ACS phone systems. You can mix and match the AT&T MLS12 phones on the same system you have the Avaya Partner 18D Series 2 phones. If you have questions on compatibility please call us at 800-396 ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 2. It sabotages closeness. Many relationships never bounce back after one partner confesses to snooping on the other. Even if it turns out that your partner was in fact flirting with someone else, your sneaky behavior often cancels out their flirtation and you lose the moral high ground in your argument.

Abusive relationship or just sensitive

2020.09.02 12:38 missymissox Abusive relationship or just sensitive

Hi everyone sorry this is loooongg, I'm (32f) with my partner (33m) for nearly 8 years with 2 young kids (6,4) everything was fine in the beginning, but as the last 2 years have went by I have noticed changes. My kids have started school so I have free time and on Saturday I said to my partner that I want to start back walking and he scoffed and said I'd never do it and I said why can't you be supportive and he said to just use it as motivation, then come Monday he has started a diet and rang me while at work and said I should do it, I said so you're ringing me to tell me to loose weight and he said "well there's no nice way of saying it is there", I just hung up the fone. He comes home after work and I start talking about what he said and he just shut me down, called me a baby ..this is what all our arguments are like, come the next day he goes on about his day like nothing has happened, I admit I usually fall back into the normal day to day routine and don't go on to talk about the issue, but now I'm tired of it because it's all these small issues have built up, like him calling me stupid if I get confused with something and it's not just him saying it in a joking way, he's aggressively saying it, "are you stupid or something, what's wrong with you". Or I feel like I have to build myself up to say if I want to go do something for myself, like getting my hair done or wanting to meet my friend and he usually gets cranky when I say it, whereas if he wants to do something I never fuss. I'm no shrinking violet about things, I try and argue my point, but he just shuts it down and walks off ..this is why I get confused if this is emotional abuse because in some articles I have read, it seems like the abused person doesn't even utter a response back and he doesn't put me down every day or week, he nitpicks about the house and that, but the big arguments are about once a month or 2, but it gets to be too much sometimes when I'm not being listened to, had a breakdown last nite and was in tears and he says why are you crying, "I wish I never said to you about loosing weight" and I cried myself to sleep and he rang today and said, "why are you so quiet" 🤯🤯 has he had amnesia, I feel like I'm loosing my mind 😭
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2020.08.28 01:37 Yandere_145 GFY

Don't you hate it when parents and their partners make you feel like shit about everything you do and your appearance and you are like "Fone if im a disappointment anyways im gonna go do all of the things that disappoint you and cut because thats all I can do because we can't talk civily"
Like i love my mom, but when she is around her boyfriend they can go fuck themselves
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2020.08.26 23:11 DreamCaster78 How To Catch A Serial Cheater (Counter OPSEC) Strategy

In my times lurking these subs I think I have finally found my home. Since here I have been banned by multiple others and it really feels good!
But there was always a purpose to my madness and this may be one of them.. As many of you know cheaters and usually chumps come in a certain mould.
Well using this I have developed a method I think will 100% capture any cheater in the act if applied.
This will involve intruding into the other persons privacy. So I implore you to only use this if you have a genuine suspicion of the person you are with is cheating. If you are wrong then you will be in the unfortunate position of having intruded into their privacy.
And if your SO learns of this and they are not cheating then you may have ended your relationship. So only consider these actions as a last resort. As you will see some have no risk while others are high. But morally speaking there is really no issue here at all. People on these subs often mistake impled trust with blind trust.
Implied trust is normal but destroyed by suspicion. But is easily rebuilt. Blind trust however is never healthy, as sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation where it is hard to share information with the ones we care about and by finding out the truth for yourself you can know what is really going on to help them.
First you work out where, when and who are your blind spots in the relationship. By answering these questions.
1.) Does your SO spend a significant ammount of time away from you? - If yes list out when, how long and where.
2.) Do they spend that time with anyone else who matches the gender of a potential romantic interest? - If yes list out who. Answer the question objectively. Include eveyone. Some will be more likely than others but even the 0% ones.
3.) If your SO were single would those people be potenial mates for them now? - This comes from knowing your SO.
In simple terms these people in your life are the threats to your relationship. The questions are not telling or confirming you that your SO is cheating, no.. But if they were to, then you would have likely written the name of the person down on that list.
And more importantly with these questions you can see your blind spots. Especially if you can say yes to all of the above and also the following;
*Problems in the relationship
*Past cheating
*A partner with a promiscuous attitude and a casual view towards sex
4.) *Dr.fone on any locked devices and to get deleted messages and media.
*A keylogger on PC / Laptops to get messages, websites and passwords.
*Check your home network periodically for any hidden devices. Old phones wont be on your internet network. Burner phones will be.
*Hidden cameras in likely locations.
*VAR in strategic places.
*Lo jacking cars
5.) The nuclear option, a private investigator. I have not seen a cheater get around a good one yet.
There is always a time when things cross the line. And even though nothing may have happened yet, If your partner is spending time with someone they are having sexual tension with and keeping that away from you then that is cheating.
What were talking about are enemies of a relationship;
By the time you reach the end of this sequence you will get the truth. What I would like to know is how a cheater could still get around all of these? These are gathered from the examples we find on reddit of cheaters getting caught put together into one strategy. So far the only instance not covered by this would be ONS and historic cheating, where the cheater and AP never try and speak to each other again. But if someone is cheating reguarly and currently.. It wont last very long once this counter strategy is implemented.
I know the scumbags (Hi cheating scum) will be reading this..
I feel this is so effective that it wont matter. If you apply this strategy every time you feel someone is cheating then I think there will be an almost 100% chance of busting them. Any suggestions on ONS also would be good.
But I think this will destroy any serial cheater. And should be spread far and wide.
EDIT: With the help of CruJonesRadRacing/ I think we have a detection strategy for ONS:
Although a ONS can occur anywhere. This would be detected by the normal sequence. But there is one condition where a ONS will take place that may not be detected. There are instances where the CS will have a ONS with strangers and not tell anyone about it. Take it to their graves.
If you are noticing the relationship red flags mentioned in this post then you should be aware of the conditions where a ONS can occur and it not be detected by normal means.
This may occur when they take a trip for example. But if you are already watching for cheating then you should know that this is a blind spot to normal detection.
In these instances the only viable option for detection is a local investigator. He or she will be able to verify the events and gather evidence. But this cannot capture 100% of ONS as they are so random. And again I will stress that this is simply how you would conduct ANY investigation to get the truth.
I advise to only act under genuine suspicion and to not confront anyone until you gather solid evidence.
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2020.08.26 09:00 Cicero1982 Your Pre Market Brief for 08/26/2020

Your Pre Market Brief for Wednesday August 26th 2020

You can subscribe to the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief on The Twitter Link Here . Alerts in the tweets will direct you to the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief in this sub.
Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
The Ultimate Quick Resource For the Amateur Trader.
Published 3:00 AM EST / Updated as of 3:27 AM EST
Stock Futures:
Tuesday 08/25/2020 News and Markets Recap:
Wednesday August 26th 2020 Economic Calendar (All times are Eastern)
Overnight News Heading into Wednesday August 26th 2020
(News Yet to be Traded 8:00 PM - 4:00 AM EST)
End of Day and After Hours News Heading into Wednesday August 26th 2020
(News Traded 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST)
Offering News
News and Analysis
Note: Seeking A url's and Reddit do not get along.
Upcoming Earnings:
Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
Other Useful Resources:
The Ultimate Quick Resource For the Amateur Trader.
Subscribe to This Brief and the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief on The Twitter Link Here . Alerts in the tweets will direct you to the daily brief in this sub
It is up to you to judge the accuracy and veracity of the above before trading. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information in this thread.
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2020.08.21 06:43 0penR0ad Stock split to acquire shit

After watching Snake Jazz episode of Rick & Morty. I think Tesla is acquiring NIO and may not go into S&P500. Splitting the stock drove up share price pre-split and also lowers the individual share price post split. Company now has more money in smaller bills (shares) for an acquisition financed by stock. Think about trying to buy gumballs with Benjamins versus quarters.
Feeling like Tesla is going to announce an acquisition of NIO, or CATL (contemporary {jazz?} amperex technology limited) which would suck since CATL doesn’t trade on US markets. Both partner with CATL (1.2million mile battery), both have production facilities in Shanghai. NIO just announced batteries as a service business model and plans to be in Europe in 2nd half of 2021 (Giga Berlin planned completion is July 2021). “NIO holds more than 1,200 battery swapping patents and has contributed to 17 national industry standards for battery swaps.”
“Acquisition announcements in the late 1990s were often preceded by stock splits. For example, AOL executed a two-for-one stock split on March 17, 1998, and another two-for-one stock split on November 18, 1998. Six days later, on November 24, 1998, AOL announced the acquisition of Netscape for $4.2 billion. A little more than two months after that, AOL announced the acquisition of MovieFone for $484 million.” -Guo, Liu, and Song (2006) ‘Why do firms split their stocks before acquisition announcements?’
More recent examples (All Apple, who knows maybe they are acquiring something big again {look up AR Camerai}, also Apple has ties to CATL as well)
Apple announced a 7:1 stock split on April 23, 2014. On May 28, 2014 Apple announced to acquire beats music and beats electronics for $3B.
Feb. 11, 2005 Apple announces 2:1 stock split. Apple acquired schemasoft March 23, 2005 then Fingerworks in April.
S&P inclusion could be an outright ruse or perfect storm of the anticipation of inclusion driving up stock price, stock split for inclusion working as two birds one stone for acquisition financing, and pandemic effects on company to be acquired may result in discounted purchase price.
NIO calls in the morning. 4/21 expiries have a lot of open interest.
Disclosure: I have no idea what I am talking about. Just trying to blindly crack the enigma machine that is tweets by Elon.
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2020.08.11 19:35 ThrowRA21questions My girl (21F) broke up with me a couple weeks ago, The underlying reason was me (21M) texting another girl.

I know what I did was shitty, and been regretting every single day until I can talk to her again.
Some background context, She was my first everything and I was her first everything. We thought of each other as first loves and loved the fact that we only been with each other. We been together for 2 years now, and it mostly goes smoothly with a couple of arguments here and there. If there were argument though it would mainly be my fault. For example, I went with her and her girls to a trip for her birthday, but since it was all girls I was not enjoying my self, and was being pouty and very selfish and immature. The trip didn't turn out a whole disaster but I definitively brought down the mood a little with my selfishness.
Also she was beautiful, smart, supportive, and always was there for me no matter what. She truly was my best friend. I am more average looking and kind of short, so I would be insecure saying she deserves more than me, and put her on a pedestal, (basically thinking she looks better than me idk if y'all do this but you can usually always tell whos the better looking in the relationship and I thot it was her by a long shot). You guys see how much I love her and value her, which the next part will make a lot of u mad it definitely made me mad and was the stupidest thing I have ever done. I was basically at a party where ppl were already supperrrr drunk. There were a couple girls there that thought I was cute. This usually don't happen to me tbh, so I was enjoying it. There was one girl all over me until I eventually told her I have a gf, and other one got my snapchat. Next day, I told my ex about this and she was very upset. She would go out to clubs wit her friends sometimes, and since she is beautiful guys would ofc go up to her and try to talk and dance with her, but she always says no immediately and blows them off because she knows I get jealous and insecure. However, at the party I did not think of this, as girls coming up to me dont happen very often and it got to my head, even though I did not do anything with these girls, I was still enjoying their attention and lavishing in it. Also forgot to mention something, my girl thinks I am very attractive and every time I ask about her celebrity crush, she says she doesn't have one and when i see dudes on Tv that are obviously attractive she doesn't think so and would rather pick me. Back to me, now you guys can see how bad it is, because how good of a girlfriend she is. She was upset, but it happened and its over so she thought she couldn't really do anything about it.
The girl that got my snapchat started texting. And the guy inside of me, who hasn't talked to new girls in a while started texting back, and she started flirting and I did too, not sexual stuff though if that makes sense. This went on for like 2-3 days, and it was time to hang out with my ex again. Long story short, the girl texted me while she was on my fone. I'm not really a liar or at least to my partner and I told her everything, she broke out crying and kicked me out of her house saying she needs space and doesnt want to see me right now. Next day we met up and she broke up with me, I was speechless and in denial. I can tell how hard it was for her to do this and the love in her eyes for me, we even kissed a couple times. We were gonna go out to eat after she broke up with me, but than it actually hit me that she wouldnt be around anymore, the girl I talk to everyday, the girl I lay next to everynight, we do everything together and now shes gone. The thought made me upset and we did not end up going out to eat.
Next day for some reason I thought it was a good idea to surprise her with some breakfast instead of giving her time and space like I should. I pulled up to her house with some food, but she was supp to be going out with her friends. So when I got there I saw her already dressed and how she ignored my texts this morning of how I wanted to talk to her. I was instantly hurt "thinking she could've at least texted me" so I was like its fine you can have fun with your friends I'll just leave. But she stopped me to talk about this, and she basically implied this was a bad idea and that I just need to give her time and space (second fking hint now). I could see the love in her eyes for me and the hurt at the same time. Every time she looks at me or sees me I could tell she is hurt that I would even talk to another girl like that after she been blowing guys off since the start. I am sent home, she tells me thank you for doing this, and even though she did not want to say she loves me, I got her it out of her. It was very emotional and sad as this was the last time I have seen her.
Later that night, she sends a paragraph text basically saying how hard it was to send this, because she promised herself not to talk to me after we broke up, saying how bad she felt that I came to see her but she was busy. that when she was with her friends all she thought about was me, and that it hurts her to even ignore my texts, however she says that needs to start putting herself first, and have some self-respect, and that i should know that she wants to talk to me about her day or just hear my voice, but she needs time and space to heal and that she still loves me and will always love me. and told me not to text and call her because she is not going to respond.
So I got the message loud and clear right? But this is my first break up and my first girl, and plus I am selfish and immature still. 3 days later I spam text her and call her in the morning, basically feeling super crazy that morning. She called me back 10 minutes later, asking what i was doing crying, saying you know i told you to stop texting and calling me, why don't you do what i want you to do?, I want time and space y are u not giving it to me. I felt how wrong I was in my situation and how selfish I was. She assured me at the end of the phone call that she is not mad and that I shouldn't worry.
It is now present day, and I have not talked to her but recently one of my close girl friends cut me off because, when i was trying to talk about this situation I was very mean and un thoughtful and basically not myself not listening to her advice and opinions. and with girls they are very sensentive so this close girl friend cut me off, and we known each other our whole life and she decides to do so in the middle of the breakup, so now I have fears that my girl will cut me off
What do you guys think? My dude friends are "alpha males" and would be like she broke up wit u right? than go on to the next. But, I cant and especially since I want to win her back. I would do whatever it takes and each I am trying to slowly grow and mature.
Any advice or feedback would be nice, and girls would u get back with me? Obviously y'all don't know everything about this relationship. and how would I win her back? my plan is to wait a month and than text her again. I think that is enough time. And if we do meet up be friends and take it slow.
Selfish thought: wouldn't it be cruel if she cuts me off? I understand I cheated but I had no intention of meeting up and taking it further than it already was, on my mom's life.
Its good that she broke up with me, maybe because now I see how much I took her for granted, and want to change everything and be the best boyfriend possible for her. I feel like I am genuinely ready now. Before, I maybe wanted to experience time with other girls, but now I don't even care for that and just want her back and potentially spend rest time of my life with her.
If you made it to the end thank you, and any feedback is nice
tl;dr: I think we are still very much in love with each other, but i tend to overthink things. 2 year relationship has mostly been going good (could be better). She just needs time and space, but I am planning to talk to her in the next month, like texting her to be friends and meet up. Any advice? Should I give her more time, or wait until she hits me up? I am crazy about this girl and want to win her back.
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2020.07.19 11:26 -autismspeaks- My dad found my nitrous

It was 3 am yesterday when I was doing tons of whippets and having hella fun, and when I wake up all my 100 canisters are gone. My dad took them and I thought I was in big fucking trouble, but he didn't give two shits and just has them in his room. I got in trouble for having a TracFone which was next to my nitrous instead but barely in trouble just talked to for a sec. Anyways idk if my dad knows what nitrous is but it's funny as fuck since he is part of a program partnered with his work that is against drugs, and he got me in crazy trouble when he found weed. I really think he doesn't know and it's hella funny. Any way I could sneak it back without him noticing?
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2020.04.11 12:16 MarketOutlookNews Vehicle POS Machine Market Report 2020 Global Industry Size, Trends, Growth, Analysis, Demand, 2025 Forecast

The latest trending report Global Vehicle POS Machine Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 offered by is an informative study covering the market with detailed analysis. The report will assist reader with better understanding and decision making.
The global Vehicle POS Machine market size is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025, with a CAGR of xx% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025 and will expected to reach USD xx million by 2025, from USD xx million in 2019.
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The major players covered in Vehicle POS Machine are:
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The content of the study subjects, includes a total of 15 chapters: Chapter 1, to describe Vehicle POS Machine product scope, , market opportunities, market driving force and market risks. Chapter 2, to profile the top manufacturers of Vehicle POS Machine, with price, sales, revenue and global market share of Vehicle POS Machine in 2018 and 2019. Chapter 3, the Vehicle POS Machine competitive situation, sales, revenue and global market share of top manufacturers are analyzed emphatically by landscape contrast. Chapter 4, the Vehicle POS Machine breakdown data are shown at the regional level, to show the sales, revenue and growth by regions, from 2015 to 2020. Chapter 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, to break the sales data at the country level, with sales, revenue and market share for key countries in the world, from 2015 to 2020. Chapter 10 and 11, to segment the sales by type and application, with sales market share and growth rate by type, application, from 2015 to 2020. Chapter 12, Vehicle POS Machine market forecast, by regions, type and application, with sales and revenue, from 2020 to 2025. Chapter 13, 14 and 15, to describe Vehicle POS Machine sales channel, distributors, customers, research findings and conclusion, appendix and data source.
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2020.03.31 15:51 Greedy-Roof Quick Service Restaurants IT Analysis Research Report & Forecast Over 2020-2027

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Quick Service Restaurants IT Thoroughly Studied Key Players : Abcom Pty Ltd., CAKE Corporation, Delphi Display Systems Inc., GoFrugal Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, VeriFone Systems, Inc., Restaurant Service Solutions, and NCR
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2020.02.20 12:04 swan_murphy Global Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Market Growth, Analysis and Industry Forecast (2020-2025): ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.

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Demand & Supply and Effectiveness –The Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband report additionally provides distribution, Production, Consumption & EXIM (Export & Import).
To Know More About The Assumptions in This Market Report:
Request a customized copy of Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband report If you wish to find more details of the report or want customization, contact us. You can get a detailed of the entire research here. If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will customize the report as you want.
Finally, the Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Market report is an authentic source for gaining the market research that is likely to exponentially accelerate your business. The report gives the principle locale, economic situations coupled with item value, benefit, limit, generation, supply, request, and market development rate and figure and so on. The Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband report additionally presents a new task SWOT examination, speculation attainability investigation, and venture return investigation.
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2020.02.14 17:47 Rocryin Childhood abuse, ex girlfriend trauma, sex transition and suicide.

It will be long reading. I should start introduce my familiy in short. Dad- indifferent never asking about anything, or treated me like an enemy, he denied everything my feelings, emotional stone, never said to me good things, dependent like small child to mom and dont take resposibility. Mom-so much overprotective, to much cross safe border, emotional unstable, self esteem by helping others, she wear throuses in this couple. Grandma- So much emotional unstable, always making herself victim and needed help, cant stand any refusal from childs cause she love so badly, pretty obsesive with savings money and smoke tons cigarettes, constantly throw extreme hate in alcoholic granddad even he was so sick and near death. Main horibble story: Im born female,really healthy. In middle school i was wearing mens clothes and group of my friends starting making horrible abuse. They called me bad names, humiliated me, suffocated me. School do nothing until my mom tell headschool she go on police. They gave me peace and I was all alone, rejected. I got the dog and ever since he was my only friend i spend tons of hours only with him.
I go to high school. Starting being always positive person with full of energy, full of ideas, always joking and help others. Met beautiful alone girl in my class and after a while we were best frends and then turned into hidden lovers. First year was like a fairytale. I dont belived that amazing girl want me. I was still alone and have no friends. I always qestion her everyday how she feel ect and she do it maybe 10 % interests Into my feelings back. And then slowly my old friends go for oil for head-they apologize me and we have meeting one time for 2-4 months. My girfriend make me crazy rows after meetings, even after message to my female friends on birthday, when she exam my private fone without my knowledge. She told me that im i cheater. That i want her cause of sexual ideas- The truth was we only kissing and fisting 95% make her good cause... She dont want anything more. I thought she need a time, like a perfect matched non pressure partner. I try explain thats normal, people meet with friends. But always was my fault. I could write here milion of mind blowing storys. I think she was bpd/ borderline and depressed. I try rescue this relationship. We go on on studies together, she start make open violence, behind emotional to me. I think she made me c-ptsd complex, really deep neurosis. I explained everything sends her to psychiatrist psychologist. It look like she understand but now she dont love me, im a pig... And short after she switch on another 'normal' man. My heart was so broken. She trained on me all bad habits and start with New clean acount. Of course he got everything instant that i never could during five years. She used the same special 'our' language to him, take in our special places, send thousends picutures of their love on social media like never ours because she is not homosexual , realized our 'dreams' about grunge band with him. (YES, we re like older 20 years than we rockers, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and more long hair bands) Everything what i was working about disapeared Just like that. She blocked me on media. I dont eat 5 days. My neurogical system was so destroyed that starting loose couciousnes and get shock on studies lessons. I thought i was completly destroy, The truth was i let she do it to me without personal borders. I try get on therapy, 4 or 5 times, see so old psychologist and she said to me what i can help you? I realized no one can help me, lost seeking therapy. Decided went to psychiatrist who was sexuological specialist and it was first step to hell. He diagnosed me as transsexual female to male in short without any tests. That my psych- health is clear, without any issues. It was like giving a knive sombody who all life was passive agressive to activ agressive. I got testosterone, do double mastectomy and trained sport like hell to be man enough. Its look like starting to be good, starting repair self esteem and acceptance in head changes thru body and trans community. I work so hard on that i can go on photo session for cover magazine mens health or something similar with full beard and six pack pefectly tailored to hot man 10/10 stereotype. So stupid and wrong i was. But finally belong to some community that support me, nevermind that they have drastic convitions. I go to dermatologist cause my skin was in horibble condition everywhere acne BC testosterone. She gave me super strong drugs(isotretynoin) also super depression makers. I took them for two long years, nothing helped. Incredible, i went for opinion and tests to psychologist-something go wrong with test in fear and truth places but she gave me good opinion cause one result was androgyne in sex scale and gave me paper thats all right... To not make so numb story. I went to court where should be specialist doctor who exam documentation but courthead said ok just do it. I was in madness making me more fitted and hear in my community about cancer female parts in cross hormone therapy and i should do it. Comepeletly false. Obviously i went do gyn doc and she didnt explain nothing, dont have time just sheduled operation--full histerectomy like womans with most expasive cancer. The truth was i dont have condition to op cause dont have any dysphoria or bad gyn results. They just cut me. Two months later my genital areas still in pain weird looking like sombody put crowbar to door inside me. I was only worse and worse with me. Lost every job. I went to therapist and he shoot me tons of truth about my really sense less actions in my life. My depression improve to catatonic more than half year. Complete anhedonia sleep all day. I wrote the suicide note and was too sleepy to do it. My mother found me. I was taken to psychiatric hospital. They give me anti depressants and anti fear drugs. But worse was diagnosis. Personality disorders (mixed, i think dependent, avoided, compulisive-obssesed) Adaptive disorder, Sexual Identification Disorders but no transsexsualism. Young psychiatrists was really suprised that my main-doc psychtarist from transition do it so easy, without any therapy. It destroyed me till the end. I destroyed myself in most painful way. I cant have children, im strilised, my sexuality is gone, i feel constantly bad about my body, have scars everywhere and weird feeling from my abdomen and genital region. I have surgical menopause all shitty symptoms at age 26.I am condemned to take hormnal medication rest of my life but now i coudnt stand it. Im realized that i dont move last 5 years, any personal progres any. All in the name of acceptance, my love. I think im just homosexual. I really regret what i do to myself, but i cant change it. Have suicidal thoughts everyday. I saw thousands video clips with suicide, know what happens to body, read about methods. Try partial hanging 2 times, know everything about method. I have date to another specialistic personality disorders and neurosis hospital but drugs from first hospital works well with my emotions i should get that shit 5 years ago. But i cant stand myself, in short i accept myself in 3 sec after making clear all reasons my shit life but what is now is not mine, its not just mine. I really regret and miss my female organs make myself really me. I deal hard with survival instinct, i cope with all my life and near death experience and hurting myself is my norma. I dont want just this shit life if this was changable i fly on therapy to change everything but it change nothing. I dont know for what is this topic. What a hell. I think i try again in hospital cause is open. Thanks.
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2020.02.08 22:24 ccsunflowr Can my parents sue me for not repaying them on braces? Paid for already in full with mother's card, contract in my name with ortho.

Recently my parents and I have not been seeing eye to eye politically and in many other areas.
I am 25 years old. I had to get braces re-put on this year to fix teeth shifting after not having retainer for a while. They were paid in full up front with mother's card.
My mom offered to pay for them and said no matter what my dad said, she would pay for them and I would not have to pay her back for them. 2 nights ago my dad facebook messaged me 11 paragraphs or so saying that they are breaking financial ties with me. For context, I live on my own, have my own car, my own auto insurance, and do not take money from them.
The only thing that they pay for at the moment was my health insurance premiums until I'm 26, as well as we use cricket wireless and I'm on their plan for phone as my line is only 10 dollars. My mom works for the government in the health industry and she has an amazing family plan which is why both my brother and I they let stay on until 26 (when legally you can no longer be on their plan)
He said I will be owing him 2,000 dollars and to respond back with a payment plan. Essentially my mom went behind his back...which she has done all her life because he is extremely hard nosed on financial issues.
I never agreed to pay my mother back, and have a text showing her to "not bring it up to your dad...I want to bring it up to him which will be fine but don't mention it to him."
I had to sign forms releasing my health info at ortho and my mom paid the 2k in full months ago. I still have braces on but they are all paid for and if I need a retainer or something- I'll pay for that myself.
There may be a lot more conditional aspects that should be considered ...but my mom essentially turned on me and they are severing ties with me. She is not demanding I pay her back..but he is.
2k may not seem like very much but had a lot of difficult things happen in past few years...and finally things are looking up. I've almost paid off ny car loan in full. I paid off five credit cards in 2 yrs. I live on my own..trying to build life with my partner and have student loans I am working towards. I have a tiny bit in savings but still living paycheck to paycheck. So if I were loaded I'd probably just pay him but all of this is ridiculous, was not agreed upon, and this is the last thing I want to put my money toward the moment..especially since my braces were a done deal.
I wrote to them a very neutral response as far as their emotional and political claims and as for financial, I said I will get ny own health insurance, new phone etc. But will not be paying anyone back for braces because they were a gift and it was agreed upon between my mother and I that it was a done deal.
Any input on this? I know it sounds all very ridiculous...but my parents were very strict and religous growing up and since I've grown up, they don't agree with my beliefs or how I live my life and most of what they say or do has always had conditional aspects/holding things over my head. I have almost never asked them for money on things. The only times in past I've borrowed money (once for car issues when I was 18) I paid back to the very last dollar within a few months. I have no problem being 100 percent independent financially moving forward...but my dad can become quite irrational and harsh on the flip of a dime. This is very stressful and saddening to me. He also said I "should consider giving my phone back" which was a fifty dollar phone that was my dead grandmothers they bought for her but when my own fone took a shit they said I could have hers as it was lying around the house. Phone has notes and pictures on it from what she took and I'm getting a new phone anyways so the fact he's saying I owe them something back that is so inexpensive and has sentimental value is leaving me in disbelief
I would not be surprised if my dad tried to sue me as they are very wealthy and he has made threatening comments and the like. I am very stressed out by this/in disbelief
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2019.11.19 20:14 HoustonCanvas iPhone 12 (Late 2020)

iPhone 12 (Late 2020)

We Collect And Analyse Rumours About The IPhone 12, Which We Expect To Launch In Autumn 2020 And Feature 5G

iPhone 12 (Late 2020) Things move fast in the world of phones, and yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max launched in September 2019 and remain slick, powerful handsets, but Apple watchers are already demanding to hear what Apple’s got for an encore.
In this article we look ahead to the iPhone 12, expected to launch in late 2020 with (hopefully) 5G connectivity. We gather and analyse the latest and most intriguing rumours about iPhone 12 (Late 2020) release date, design, new features, tech specs and price, and help you make sense of all the speculation out there.

Release date

The next set of iPhones will almost certainly be released in the autumn of 2020. Apple’s release schedule is highly predictable, and every autumn since 2011 there has been at least one new model.
The only slight disruption to that schedule came in the spring of 2016, when Apple gave us the iPhone SE as a bonus. (We still got the iPhone 6s the autumn before that, and the iPhone 7 the autumn after.) So it’s possible – albeit a long shot – that some kind of small-screen or budget handset will be released around March or April of 2020. For more on that theory, see iPhone SE 2 release date rumours.

Design changes

Apple revamped the rear cameras on the 2019 handsets (with three lenses for the first time, and even the twin lenses of the iPhone 11 arranged in a new square housing), but left the rest of the design largely untouched for the third generation in a row. The full-screen/notch look of the iPhone X in 2017 was kept for the XS – although a new, larger Max screen option was added – and the 11 Pro.
There’s only so many times you can offer the same design and expect people to keep upgrading – although Apple has tested this theory at times in the past. On the whole, however, we suspect that 2020 will be a year of significant design change.


We could see the shrinking or total elimination of the notch, for example. The latter is probably more likely; the notch is an imperfect arrangement but it has become, perhaps accidentally, a signature part of the design, and we can’t see Apple changing this until it’s ready to remove it entirely.
The notch contains a number of important sensors – those for Face ID, for example – and removing it would raise design problems, of course. Apple may go for a punch-hole design, which is a compromise of its own. But we feel that would be the worst of both worlds: an admission that the notch was a misstep, the loss of an iconic piece of design, and a failure, still, to actually provide a seamless all-screen design.
For us, then, the decision to get rid of the notch is dependent on the technology to embed the sensors in the screen (since we can’t imagine Apple going for a gimmicky-looking flip-round camera, a la ZenFone 6) becoming affordable at scale. That way your iPhone 12 would be nothing but screen – which is a tough ask, design-wise, but might justify the overused adjective “magical”.


PhoneArena has posted concept illustrations showing an iPhone with four camera lenses on the rear. This is madness, surely… Although it does fit the square housing rather neatly. (The flash is placed in the centre.)

Screen Size

Our feeling is that Apple already offers too many screen sizes in both its iPhone and iPad ranges. (Altogether now: 4.7in, 5.5in, 5.8in, 6.1in, 6.5in, 7.9in, 10.2in, 10.5in, 11in, 12.9in. Confusing, right?) However, it’s rumoured that yet another size is about to be added to the portfolio: 5.4in.
Max Rudberg, a Swedish graphic designer, has created a concept illustration of how this might look. And if it seems like an arbitrary number, it’s not: he’s taken a chassis roughly halfway between the iPhone 8 and the (much-missed) iPhone SE, given the result an iPhone X-style notch-screen layout, and ended up with a superbly pocketable device with a bigger screen than either.
Honestly, based on the emails we read all the time from iPhone SE fans who feel abandoned by Apple, this would sell like mad.


It’s a recurrent rumour, but will 2020 be the year Apple finally gives in and replaces its proprietary Lightning port with USB-C, as it did on its iPad Pro models in 2018? We think probably not, since that was a special case – fast data transfers to and from cameras being a requirement of many digital creatives. And owners of Lightning-based headphones and other accessories would be pretty ticked off.

New features

A new iPhone needs a flagship feature – something an announcement event can be built around. In 2019 it was all about the cameras (triple lenses and night mode). In 2020 we think it will be 5G, if Apple can pull it off in time.


That might sound weirdly pessimistic, given that Android phone manufacturers were widely offering 5G at the time the iPhone 11 launched. What’s the delay, Apple?
The problem is getting someone to supply the modems. Apple used to partner with Qualcomm on components of this sort, but the two firms had a major falling out over patents. Later a working relationship was set up with Intel, but that company has since quit the 5G arena… and sold the majority of its smartphone modem business to Apple. So Apple could now make its own modems, but that won’t be feasible until 2021.
It’s believed that deals with other suppliers (or with Qualcomm again, since the legal matters have been put to rest) are on track for a 2020 5G launch, but we discuss this subject in far more detail in a separate article about 5G iPhone rumours.

3D Camera

Before the late-2019 event, Bloomberg was predicting the imminent launch of an iPhone with a more powerful 3D camera, as part of Apple’s continuing push into AR. This now seems likelier than ever.
Current iPhones already feature 3D cameras, used for Face ID facial recognition, which makes it harder to market this as a breakthrough or flagship feature. But Bloomberg reckons that the 2020 version will be transformatively more powerful: it will have a range of around 15 feet, the site predicts, compared to just 25-50cm on the iPhone X series and 11. It will be used to scan the environment, whereas current 3D scanning is deployed on the user’s face.

Touch ID

Touch ID? A new feature? Are you joking?
Yes, yes, I know. But this reintroduction of an old feature (one that’s still offered on the 8 and 8 Plus, of course) really would be new because to achieve it Apple would need to embed the sensor in the screen – it isn’t about to bring back the Home button on a new device.iPhone 12 (Late 2020)
This has been a stumbling block for a few years: we’ve known that it’s possible to put a sensor under a display, but it’s not been logistically feasible to do so at scale and for a manageable price. By late 2020 we should have reached the point where that’s no longer the case.


It’s a little early to offer an accurate prediction of the iPhone 12’s full specs list, but there are some things we can be reasonably sure of.
  • A14 Bionic processor – the next iteration of Apple’s proprietary system on a chip
  • 4GB of RAM – most likely, although many rivals offer 6GB or even more
  • 64/256/512GB – will Apple offer its first terabyte phone in 2020? We think not
  • 5.8in/6.1in/6.5in Super Retina XDR display – the more expensive models at least will be OLED, and by 2020 Apple may extend this to all new models. We also hope for ProMotion displays
  • Triple 12Mp rear-facing cameras


The iPhone 12 is likely to start at around £700/$700.
Here’s the pricing on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, as of 18 November 2019:
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: from £1,149/$1,099
  • iPhone 11 Pro: from £1,049/$999
  • iPhone 11: from £729/$699
Apple has been ramping up its phone prices for a while now, particularly in the UK, and we’re hopeful it can stabilise things for the late-2020 launches.
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Especialistas em suporte técnico informática para empresas.

A DERECO TECNOLOGIA possui modelos de Contratos de Suporte Técnico na área de TI (Tecnologia da Informação) ou Informática para atender empresas de diversos portes e segmentos.
Os modelos de Contratos podem conter:
• Atendimento de primeiro, segundo e terceiro nível • Suporte Remoto (via Internet ou fone) • Suporte Presencial • Monitoramento de dispositivos e redes (servidores, firewall, switches, roteadores, storage, access points) • Contratos específicos para Cabeamento de Rede e Telefonia (Estruturado ou não) e Links Ópticos (Fibras) 

Oferecemos as melhores soluções para gerenciar, integrar e automatizar as tecnologias já existentes na sua Empresa, dessa maneira fica mais fácil gerenciar riscos e minimizar perdas, aproveitando ao máximo a estrutura e tecnologia disponíveis.

Especialistas em informática empresarial.

• Otimização da rede (cabeamento + wifi) • Otimização de estação de trabalho • Limpeza lógica • Padronização de softwares • Reconfiguração de equipamentos • Firewall • Switches • Wireless • Servidores • Revisão e adequação de políticas de segurança • Padronização de barreiras e normas • Permissão de acesso a arquivos • Acesso à internet • Backups 
Your Tech Partner
(11) 4384 4325
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2019.09.20 12:12 FCoinOfficial FCoin Weekly Report (9.16-9.20)

Backend R&D

  1. Optimization of leverage function: a maximum of 100 leverage loans to be repaid can exist in the same leverage account in the meantime;
  2. Optimization of leverage function: increased the amount to be repaid on API/WEB;
  3. Optimization of leverage function: test all repayment functions;
  4. Developed and tested the DPoS voting function;
  5. Optimized the link mode of market chart;
  6. Completed the main network switching of WSEC project and opened the main network deposit and withdrawal function
  7. Completed the Deposit and Withdrawal R&D for the original assets on FT public chain in exchange wallet;
  8. Optimized zendesk announcement interface: avoid the system instability caused by abnormal zendesk service;
  9. Open the deposit and withdraw of WSEC, HFD and other currencies and opened the related trade trading market on FOne;

Repurchase & Destruction

Destructed a total number of 51,642 FTs repurchased from the secondary market.

Community Operation

  1. The FT community committee approved the proposal of launching the city node salon activity, which will significantly reduce the threshold for the activity and encourage more users to promote it. Users in hunan, Taiwan and other places have started to prepare for city node salon activities until now. Interested users are welcome to contact the FT community personnel organization working group leader 麻久熙
  2. The FT community committee passed the proposal on adding new user guidance, which will subsequently be added on FCoin official website to facilitate the operation of new users;
  3. A Q&A session will be organized in the FCoin official Chinese community at 16:00-17:00 (GMT+8).

Market Operation

  1. The "FT ecological China meeting - Hangzhou station" was successfully held on September 16th, and Carrie Yang, spokesperson of FT ecological &FT community, Jiao Feng, head of FT public chain, and FT community representative Brother Dong attended and made speeches. The meeting attracted more than 100 participants, including Bitrise Capital partner Luo Zengyu and imtoken ecological research director Mako.
  2. The "FT ecological China meeting - Shanghai station" was successfully held on September 19. The meeting attracted more than 100 participants, including Carrie Yang, spokesperson of FT ecological & FT community, Jiao Feng, head of FT public chain,FT community representatives Chanwe, Consensus Lab partner Ren Zheng, founder of Kcash Zhu Xuejiao, BN Capital founder ChuKang, Bicoin market Director Mr.Shi , and Media representatives, wallet, and main chain projects, community team, investors, quantitative partners , FT holders representatives.
  3. FMex, a contract exchange under FT ecology, was officially launched its Testnet, and held a test trading contest, and invited professional quantitative institutions and contract traders for internal tests.
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2019.09.03 08:57 intervalue InterValue Project Weekly: 20190826-20190901

InterValue Project Weekly: 20190826-20190901

Part 1. Development Progress of InterValue.
1.INVE Mainnet: We performed the development of the two nodes‘ synchronization data storage function and the data distribution function; Performed the function development of the server-side data (Generating HashRoot and verifiable Event); Performed new node data synchronization - detected the latest First Seqs code; Performed new node data synchronization - debugged all code on the data source side; Modified local full node v2 initialization process; Wrote Zabbix monitoring script; Performed mainnet operation monitoring and maintenance; Performed debugging of Dappmgmt; Maintained the consensus of the mainnet.
2.inWallet: Integrated the wallet with the INVE Locked Warehouse DApp; Developed the news sharing function; Performed relay node maintenance; Reproduced and fixed user feedback issues.
3.DApp: Performed INVE Locked Warehouse Dapp page development.
4.Others: Complete the Super Nodes Campaign voting function to go online and maintain; Official website maintenance and updates.

Part 2. Community Announcement.
1. The InterValue Super Nodes campaign voting officially begins!
From August 26st to August 25th, the INVE Super Nodes campaign voting officially begins. The InterValue Foundation announced the Super Nodes campaign finalists list on August 21. Now let's vote for them!
Vote description:
(1) The Super Nodes campaign voting time is from August 26th to September 5th;
(2) Each person can cast 3 votes per day, each candidate is limited to 1 vote per person per day;
(3) On September 6th, the InterValue Foundation will finalize the successful Super Nodes based on the voting results and the Super Nodes application form.
Super Nodes Feature Page:

2. FCoin startup supports of INVE asset swapping
On August 30, 2019, FOne announced that it had suspended the INVE (InterValue) currency recharge and withdrawal business to support asset swapping. After the asset is swapped, the recharge and withdrawal will launch again.

Part 3. The Historical Process of InterValue.
(1) In August 2017, InterValue team envisioned the positioning, vision, and functionality of InterValue.
(2) From September to October 2017, InterValue created a team and refined the functions.
(3) In November 2017, InterValue created the R&D team and began to write a white paper and a development plan.
(4) In January 2018, InterValue completed the first draft of the Chinese and English white papers.
(5) From February to March in 2018, InterValue completed Chinese and English white papers from InterValue 1.0 to 4.0.
(6) In April 2018, the InterValue v1.0 testnet was completed and put into practice.
(7) In May 2018, the development of the InterValue v2.0 testnet was launched.
(8) In June 2018, the InterValue v1.0 testnet wallet Demo was launched.
(9) In June 2018, the InterValue v2.0 HashNet consensus mechanism was verified.
(10) In June 2018, the InterValue v2.0 exceeded a million TPS.
(11) In June 2018, the InterValue 2.0 testnet launched the world’s first local full-node, light-node alpha test.
(12) In July 2018, InterValue launched its first bounty program.
(13) In August 2018, the InterValue 2.0 testnet was awarded the TPS performance testing report and testing certificate issued by China Telecommunication Technology Labs.
(14) In August 2018, InterValue’s Chinese and English white papers are updated from 4.0 to 4.5.
(15) In August 2018, InterValue officially released the INVE ERC20 Token.
(16) In August 2018, InterValue team officially established the Xiangjiang Blockchain Research Institute.
(17) In August 2018, InterValue officially established the Blockchain Security Division.
(18) In September 2018, InterValue officially got its INVE token listed on FCoin.
(19) In September 2018, InterValue opens the bounty conversion.
(20) In November 2018, InterValue officially got listed on the Hotbit.
(21) In November 2018, InterValue officially got listed on the Bitget.
(22) In November 2018, InterValue implemented the Turing Complete Smart Contract on the DAG.
(23) In December 2018, the core members of the InterValue's technology partner were selected into the CCF TCBC.
(24) In December 2018, completion of InterValue's cross-chain, supporting transfer and exchange of INVE, BTC, ETH.
(25) In January 2019, InterValue officially launched the eco-construction excitation policy.
(26) In January 2019, InterValue official website upgrade.
(27) In February 2019, InterValue mainnet officially launched.
(28) In February 2019, INVE blockchain explorer launched.
(29) In February 2019, inWallet v3.3.0 launched.
(30) In February 2019, inWallet v3.3.1 launched.
(31) In March 2019, InterValue launch the INVE Token Swap.
(32) In March 2019, inWallet v3.3.2 launched.
(33) In March 2019, inWallet v3.3.3 launched.
(34) In April 2019, inWallet v3.3.4 launched.
(35) In April 2019, InterValue is officially open source.
(36) In April 2019, inWallet v3.3.5 launched.
(37) In May 2019, inWallet v3.3.6 launched.
(38) In June 2019, inWallet v4.0 launched.
(39) In June 2019, INVE Zajindan game launched.
(40) In June 2019, INVE web wallet launched.
(41) In June 2019, inWallet v4.0.1 launched.
(42) In July 2019, inWallet v4.0.2 launched.
(43) In July 2019, inWallet v4.0.3 launched.
(44) In July 2019, INVE Fishing Man game launched.
(45) In July 2019, inWallet v4.0.4 launched.
(46) In July 2019, INVE CoinTossing game launched.
(47) In August 2019, inWallet v4.0.5 launched.
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2019.08.29 12:15 swapnil70 Car POS Machine Market Likely to Emerge over a Period of 2019 - 2025: VeriFone Systems, Fujitsu, Honeywell, First Data, Ingenico, Intermec, CASIO, Data Logic, NCR, Summit POS, NEC Corporation, etc.

Car POS Machine Market Likely to Emerge over a Period of 2019 - 2025: VeriFone Systems, Fujitsu, Honeywell, First Data, Ingenico, Intermec, CASIO, Data Logic, NCR, Summit POS, NEC Corporation, etc.
Car POS Machine Market Research Report :
Summary: Latest Research Report on Car POS Machine Market 2019 Added by Acquire Market Research which covers Market Overview, Future Economic Impact, Competition by Manufacturers, Supply (Production), and Consumption Analysis.
The Car POS Machine market research study relies upon a combination of primary as well as secondary research. It throws light on the key factors concerned with generating and limiting Car POS Machine market growth. In addition, the current mergers and acquisitions by key players in the market have been described at length. Additionally, the historical information and growth in the CAGR have been given in the research report. The latest trends, product portfolio, demographics, geographical segmentation, and regulatory framework of the Car POS Machine market have also been included in the study.
Click here to get Sample Report on Your Corporate Email [email protected]:
By Type: Wired, Wireless
By Application: Passenger Car, Commercial Car
By Company: VeriFone Systems, Fujitsu, Honeywell, First Data, Ingenico, Intermec, CASIO, Data Logic, NCR, Summit POS, NEC Corporation, DIGITAL DINING, GuestLogix, VISIONTEK, Xinguodu Technology, Newland Group, PAX Technology, Partner Tech
Car POS Machine Market
The Car POS Machine Industry report offers sweeping analysis of regional segments in Global Report with classifications, Market definitions, manufacturing processes, cost structures, development policies, and plans. The facts and figures are well presented in the report using graphs, diagrams, pie charts, and other pictorial representations with respect to the Current Trends, Dynamics, and Business Scope & Key Statistics of the market.
Get Discount on this Report:
The Latest Trends, Demographics, Product Portfolio, Geographical segmentation, and Regulatory Framework of the Car POS Machine Market have also been taken into account in the study.
Revenue and Sales Forecast — Data of historical revenue and sales volume is presented, and more data is quantified with top-down and bottom-up approaches to anticipate complete market size and forecast numbers for key regions included in the report along with organized and well-recognized Types and end-use industry. Moreover, regulatory policies and macroeconomic factors are determined in Car POS Machine industry evolution and predictive analysis.
Manufacturing Analysis — The report is being analyzed in view of various product type and application currently. The Car POS Machine market puts forward a chapter outlining the manufacturing process analysis validated via primary information accumulated through Industry experts and Key officials of profiled companies.
Competition — Leading players have been examined based on their company profile, capacity, product portfolio, product/service price, sales, and cost/profit.
Click to view the full report details, Reports TOC, figure and [email protected]
You can also get separate chapter wise section or region wise report versions like North America, Asia or Europe.
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2019.07.27 03:55 SYNCLINORIUM CSW19 new words and deletions.

I was unable to find the CSW19 (Collins Scrabble Words 2019 / SOWPODS 2019) online, so I extracted it from Zyzzyva and kept only new words and deletions. Here are the 2 862 new words and the 29 deletions that were made in the CSW19. There are 279 496 words in total in this new edition.
Link to CSW15 in .txt (if you want to reconstruct the CSW19 yourself using the list below) :

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2019.07.19 11:30 FCoinOfficial FCoin Weekly Report (7.15-7.19)

APP-end Update

  1. Newly added invitation code sharing function;2. Newly added “OTC Star-rated Merchant” LOGO;3. Added OTC new user guide;4. Removed SMS verification code restriction required by OTC limit orders;

Backend Development

  1. Optimized the stop-win and stop-loss function;2. Optimize the transaction list height and update the online line;3. Added the transfer-out function on lever management page;4. Optimized and went online of the slider style for placing the orders;5. Optimized and went online of the accuracy limit of the orders;6. Repaired the hidden BUG of the leverage trading;7. Optimized the hiding small assets function;8. Modified the program to support the sustainable mining upgrade and allocated mining awards for non-locked parts;9. Modified the program to support the halving mining incentives according to the sustainable mining mechanism;10. Adjusted the minimum order quantity for some trading pairs;11. Newly launched the cancel-all function for the convenience of the users during launched cancellation;12. Opened the deposit and trading of VIP, BTL, SMSC and other currencies on FOne; 13. Opened the withdrawal function of HXT, WL, CHC and other currencies;14. Supported the allocation of WL project rewards on FOne;15. Processed XRP and EOS deposit issues cased by incorrect Tag or Memo.

Repurchase & Destruction

Destructed a total number of 11,264 FTs repurchased from the secondary market.

Community Operations

1.The upgrade plan during referendum on sustainable mining upgrades initiated by FT community has won the referendum at the rate of 86.00% % (won 6,014,958 votes in total);2. Four more community partners have been approved this week which are: changneng, 小友, 营养跟得上, 天涯椰子;3. Organized a Q&A session in the FCoin official Chinese community at 16:00-17:00 (GMT+8);4. FCoin University term 2 is roaring back at 8:00 p.m. this Sunday, welcome everyone to join in and discuss about the community autonomy.
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2019.07.10 06:36 love_money_guru International Cannabrands subsidiary signs long-term agreement with Nevada's largest cultivator Flower One Holdings.

TORONTO, July 9, 2019 /CNW/ - Flower One Holdings Inc. ("Flower One" or the "Company") (CSE: FONE) (OTCQX: FLOOF) today announced a long-term licensing agreement with California cannabis-favorite, La Vida Verde ("LVV") – the health-focused cannabis brand dedicated to utilizing high-quality, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly ingredients to produce cannabis edibles and tinctures. With the addition of LVV to its growing portfolio of Brand Partners, Flower One further diversifies the cannabis offerings made available to Nevada's cannabis retailers and consumers. This marks LVV's first out-of-state expansion and entrance into Nevada.
"We are thrilled to announce West Coast cannabis brand, La Vida Verde, as the newest addition to Flower One's portfolio of Brand Partners, bringing their high-quality edibles to cannabis consumers and retailers across Nevada," said Ken Villazor, President and CEO of Flower One. "With the Flower One greenhouse now in a state of ongoing harvest, we are well positioned to accelerate La Vida Verde's Nevada market entry while employing our own proprietary techniques to ensure we're delivering the high-quality products, together. Today's partnership further solidifies our position as a leading cannabis cultivator and producer in Nevada, and allows us to further expand the product offerings made available in the state."
"The La Vida Verde team and I are very excited and humbled at the opportunity to have our brand elevated and shared with the Nevada market – locals and tourists alike – through Flower One," said Bryce Berryessa, President and Co-Founder of La Vida Verde. "After seeing the immense scale of Flower One's greenhouse facility in Nevada and their application of commercial agriculture techniques to complex crops, such as cannabis, we were not only reassured of their level of sophistication, but excited to leverage their demonstrated ability to meet our California-established production and cultivation standards. We are entering this partnership confident that the Flower One team will be able to execute on the La Vida Verde vision."
"La Vida Verde prides itself on giving cannabis consumers healthy options when it comes to their product of choice. Flower One's unique operational capabilities, using industry-leading technology to produce high-quality, custom-packaged cannabis at scale, will bring immense value to our brand and products," said Eric Hara, CEO of La Vida Verde. "Flower One is, without a doubt, a leading producer in the state, and in leveraging their strategic operational approach and scale, we find comfort in knowing that the supply and quality of La Vida Verde products available in Nevada will be reliably and consistently delivered to our new consumer base."
The parent company of a holistic line of edible cannabis products, LVV's organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free products have been branded and are available through its three in-house brands: La Vida Verde, Skunk Feather™, and Blank Brand™. Later this summer, La Vida Verde will be introducing its three cannabis tinctures (Relax, Restore, and Revive), along with three gummy candies (Island Guava, Pineapple Butterscotch, and Rootbeer Float) from Blank Brand™, in addition to a variety of pre-rolls and packaged flower under its flagship brand Skunk Feather™. Additional products under all three brands will roll out into the Nevada market before the close of 2019.
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2019.06.21 12:29 Prathamesh_Rathod Mobile POS Systems Market: Industry Analysis, Current Status, Key Growth Drivers, Trends, Opportunities, and Forecast to 2023

Summary ICRWorld’s Mobile POS Systems market research report provides the newest industry data and industry future trends, allowing you to identify the products and end users driving Revenue growth and profitability. The industry report lists the leading competitors and provides the insights strategic industry Analysis of the key factors influencing the market. The report includes the forecasts, Analysis and discussion of important industry trends, market size, market share estimates and profiles of the leading industry Players.
Global Mobile POS Systems Market: Application Segment Analysis
Global Mobile POS Systems Market: Regional Segment Analysis USA Europe Japan China India South East Asia

Request us for the Sample Copy of the [email protected]

The Players mentioned in our report VeriFone Systems First Data NCR Motorola Solutions CASIO Summit POS NEC Corporation DIGITAL DINING GuestLogix Ingenico VISIONTEK PAX Technology Newland Group Xinguodu Technology Landi Sunyard Partner Tech Sedind … With no less than 20 top producers.
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2019.06.21 12:14 FCoinOfficial FCoin Weekly Report (6.17-6.21)


IOS and Android Version Upgrades.1. Supported the Anti-Phishing function;2. Supported the deposit of ERC20-USDT;3. Fixed the known bugs.

Back-end R&D

  1. Developed the Inviting Mining program and went online of Innovation code page according to the rules of Inviting Mining plan;2. Online the 2nd FT Community Committee campaign page, displaying candidate's campaign information and campaign video links;3. Closed the withdrawal function of delisted currencies;4. Developed the transfer-all function of the margin product and optimized the margin business operation experience;5. Opened the deposit and trading market of FUND project on FOne;
  2. Developed and tested the withdrawal function of NEO, GAS, FAB, and MONA.

Repurchase & Destruction

Destructed a total number of 28,139 FTs repurchased from the secondary market.

Community operations

  1. After the preselection of the second FT Community Committee candidates conducted by the Community Partner meeting, 18 candidates passed the preselection, and the candidates' campaign video & campaign declaration announced to the community on the 21st;2. FT Community Committee approved and implemented the proposal for Inviting Mining rules (trial);3. More promotion nodes have been approved by FCoin Community this week which are: PR node, Token Teahouse, FCoin Star & Fire node, Time Promotion Node, Beijing Promotion Node;4. Organized a Q&A session in the FCoin official Chinese community at 16:00-17:00 (GMT+8).
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comment supprimer un antidémarrage - YouTube Avaya Partner ACS: How to use personal ring patterns on ... How to Program Time / Date on Avaya Partner ACS Telephone ... Avaya Partner Tips - Line Ringing Setup - YouTube Record Other People Phone Calls Using Your Mobile Secretly ... Phone Partner - YouTube Phone Partner - YouTube Phone Partner - YouTube How To Locate A Phone Wire For Phone Hook Up.

Man threw phone at partner's face after reading texts ...

  1. comment supprimer un antidémarrage - YouTube
  2. Avaya Partner ACS: How to use personal ring patterns on ...
  3. How to Program Time / Date on Avaya Partner ACS Telephone ...
  4. Avaya Partner Tips - Line Ringing Setup - YouTube
  5. Record Other People Phone Calls Using Your Mobile Secretly ...
  6. Phone Partner - YouTube
  7. Phone Partner - YouTube
  8. Phone Partner - YouTube
  9. How To Locate A Phone Wire For Phone Hook Up.
  10. Avaya Partner - Basic Programming - YouTube

Record Other People Phone Calls Using Your Mobile Secretly Without Knowing To The Victim - Never dreamt of listening others(Gf,Bf,Family) phone calls in your... In this video you will learn how to program the time and date on the Avaya Partner ACS Telephone system Ici nous verrons comment supprimer un antidémarrage en quelque seconde. Plus besoin de code ni de transpondeur. Démonstration sur une seat Ibiza Visit us on our site for more instructions - Visit: Follow us: Need Tech Support? Call us fo... Provided to YouTube by FreshTunes Phone Partner · KJ Music Aggretsuko (Fennko and Tsunoda) ℗ 2020 The Music Family Studio Released on: 2020-08-14 Auto-genera... Overview of the basic programming of an Avaya Partner ACS phone system Provided to YouTube by Freshtunes Phone Partner · KJ Music Aggretsuko (Retsuko and Kj Music) (Vol. One) ℗ 2020 The Music Family Studio Released on: 2020-08-1... Tonor RJ11 RJ45 Telephone Wire Network LAN Multi function Electric Wire Cable Line Finder Tracker Re - Duration: 4:31. HKwon 46,775 views. 4:31. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.