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HomeOwners & Investors

2008.06.11 11:41 kleinbl00 HomeOwners & Investors

real estate investing landlords landlord borrowing lending mortgages foreclosure loan houses house apartment financing loans buying a house foreclosures foreclosure

2011.07.28 21:33 joeyda3rd News and Ideas for Realtors

For discussion about what it means to be a Realtor. Industry-specific news, ideas, questions, stories and anything related to the business of selling real estate.

2008.01.25 07:52 Boston, MA

A reddit focused on the city of Boston, MA and the Greater Boston Area.

2020.09.28 19:41 therealitywas Question about Zillow and Trulia listings!

When they say "property updated," what does that mean? Because sometimes the descriptions of the houses will mention more recent renovations.
Does an older "property updated" house mean that there will be unforseen issues - like leaky pipes for example?
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2020.09.28 18:35 petty_tendergrass Bankruptcy-friendly Rental companies/Landlords?

Long story short, I needed to file for bankruptcy in February of this year and it was just recently discharged in July of this year. I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit. The owner of our unit has decided to sell and we're now in the process of looking for a new place to live when we had previously planned to move out next summer once I had a chance to rebuild my credit. It's two of us and a cat, my credit is a hot mess because of the bankruptcy and everything leading up to filing but my partner has fantastic credit. Income is solid: together we gross around $3.3k a month before taxes and I have a full-time salaried job. No evictions, no judgements, pretty good rental history. My partner doesn't earn enough to qualify on his own and we don't have anyone who could serve as a co-signeguarantor, unfortunately.
I've been contacting most of the major rental companies and searching through Zillow/Hotpads/Trulia/Zumpecraigslist/LindseyList/Marketplace for private landlords, but I wanted to know if anyone knew of any companies/landlords that are more friendly to a super recent discharge or only check income/rental history. I know W.C Hutchinson doesn't check credit, just income and rental history (they're our current property management company) but they've said they don't have anything coming available anytime soon (especially since the owner of our unit also owns a lot of the other units they manage). Thank you!
submitted by petty_tendergrass to rva [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 18:27 FuckMeFreddyy Apartment up for rent is not the same one as shown

I saw this apartment up for rent on the app ‘Trulia.’ An app where you can either buy or rent places. For the apartment in question, all the rooms advertised were not the actual rooms. I end up getting the place, and after finding out they have a website where their listings are on, I see a whole other apartment than the one that I had gotten. This one had heavy heavy permanent stains on two carpets in two different rooms. We then had someone who is going to move in with us go check the place out, as we live in a different state from the one we’re moving to, and he had also said there were stains and paint marks on the walls as well. Where the washer and dryer was were garbage leftover on the ground. This is within days of the desired move in date, so I assume that was the condition the place was going to be given in. Is this okay? Is this normal? This is my first time renting and about to live on my own so I’m not sure about all of this. Thanks!
submitted by FuckMeFreddyy to Tenant [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 13:36 Educatedbuttwiper Help moving to Indy from out of state?

My fiance and I are moving to Indiana from out of state for my school. We don't know much about Indiana or Indianapolis except there's a lot of houses in areas with crime. We're just trying to find a house to rent within budget(like 800-900) but every time we find something we like on Trulia or Zillow, we find out there's a high crime rate.
Can anyone point us in the right direction? We're gay, so I have the added anxiety that something violent will happen if we move to an unsafe area.
submitted by Educatedbuttwiper to indianapolis [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 12:44 doseofsense Too good to be true

We’ve read so many crazy stories and experienced the insanity of this market (one house we viewed received 19 offers in 24 hours after listing), but now we’re a month out from closing and it seems unreal. This is the story of how we got to this point.
We’d been working with a realtor my husband had encountered years before we met, but she was slow to respond and when we asked about the first property we truly found interesting, she referred us to another realtor because it wasn’t in her area. So I used Trulia to contact someone just to get some questions answered quickly and it put me in touch with the best possible buying agent we could have asked for. She was willing to show us anything in the state and after a few showings she admitted this was more a hobby to fund her nonprofit that cares for veterans, and she did it yet know my husband is a disabled combat veteran. Needless to say, her commitment to finding us the right place has been next level and we’ve become friends in the process.
Now that we had the perfect agent, we happened upon a perfect place, a gem of a property in a very small neighborhood. Long story short, we put in an offer but it was not accepted. It was the first time we’d done this so it was a bit heart breaking, but we forged on looking at other places. But over the weeks, we just couldn’t get over some of the benefits of that home and one morning I see another house in that neighborhood with a similar layout is on the market! Unfortunately, it’s listed for 15k above our preapproval.
I casually tell my realtor how much I’d love to see this place but we know it’d be a waste of time and she contacts the listing agent only to get back to me to say the sellers are in a hurry to move for a job and need an offer on their house to secure their next purchase, so it might be worth our time to see it.
We go up that weekend and it’s stunning, dream kitchen, well cared for, beautiful landscaping, 4600 sqft with a finished basement, we love it. So I wrote an offer letter explaining our situation, not only was this place a great fit for us, but it has a 9/10 rated k-12 for our kids and enough room to care for my retired father. We ask our lender for 10k more, which they approve, so we offer 5k under asking price and request 8k in closing costs as this is a VA loan and we anticipated zero down.
They take the offer... with a contingency that they have 5 days to secure their housing. As we dropped off our earnest money, I admit that I assume they’re going to find a way to break the contract and go with a better deal, but my realtor assure me they were moved by our letter and weren’t planning to intentionally back out. The 5 days come and go and they secured their home and we’re still in agreement.
Then we get the inspection, we get a great guy our realtor knew and he’s been doing it for 25 years with multiple degrees. He tells us most homes he sees are about a B, B- , but this house is an A. It’s been so well maintained with solid upgrades over the last 20 years the owners had it, the only things he found were negligible, like a loud bathroom fan and garage door opener not working.
While this is all taking place, our USAA lender is telling us the best he can do is 3.5% and we keep reading stories here about the 2’s. So I mention to my realtor that we thought we’d find more competitive rates (2 other lenders we spoke with weren’t significantly better), so she refers us to a local lender who loves doing VA Loans. We call her, tell her our situation with closing costs, and she gets us 2.5%! Yes, we’d be buying points but it’s the sellers paying for them essentially.
As of today, we are halfway through the process and we’ve been approved by underwriting. Now we’re waiting for the appraisal, but everyone we’ve come in contact with assures us we’re getting this place for a steal, so we assume there won’t be issues there. But I am seriously waiting for the other shoe to drop, like are we really going to close on this place? Is this real life? Lol
The scary part is breaking our rental lease, which has no clause for termination, but we’ll deal with that fall out when it comes. My poor father can’t believe this is happening, it’s going to take him out of a miserable situation so I think the possibility of something not happening makes it too painful to hope it’s real and that’s rubbing off on me.
I guess I wanted to share that all these good things can happen in this market and reassure myself that we’re just in a waiting game to close but it is really happening.
TLDR: Found the perfect buying agent and then a unicorn property, offered under asking, seller paying majority of closing costs, inspection went nearly perfect, waiting for something to go wrong lol
submitted by doseofsense to RealEstate [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 20:24 greeneggsandmaam Moving to Santa Fe

Hey there, y'all.
I've decided to move to Santa Fe from Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm a 26 year old female artist with one doggy. I'm currently looking for a place to live, and as you can imagine, having difficulties. I've searched through Craigslist, Facebook, zillow, trulia,, etc. I've heard from other Santa Fe redditors that a lot of housing is found through word of mouth. I'm taking a trip tomorrow to Santa Fe to find somewhere to live before I move. I was wondering if anyone had any leads on apartments or houses in Santa Fe. My budget is $1,000/a month, but really aiming for something around 800 if possible (I know this is almost unheard of, but, like I said, I'm an artist lol). I'm not opposed to the idea of roommates. I'm very clean and considerate, and if living with others, I would most likely need an extra room to use as my art studio (I would pay extra for this of course).
Excited for this new chapter in my life, and to be apart of this beautiful city. Thanks!
submitted by greeneggsandmaam to SantaFe [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 19:12 user12415 [HOUSING] Looking for a nice 1BR for me and my pup (9 lbs)

EDIT: my dog is 8 years old, house trained, but will always be a "pup" to me :-)

Looking in : Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert. Needs to have great wifi availability as I do work from home much of the time.
I'm on Trulia and the other sites but hopeful to find a good deal leased by an owner who needs a solid tenant.
What ever happened to the good ole days of establishing a relationship with someone, mostly gone but I know there's some this ole fashioned style still out there!
I can pay up to $1200.00 for the right apartment/condo, but prefer to stay around $1100.00, especially if its in a complex. I'm more flexible if its not a large complex.
Prefer not live in an apartment where the AC is controlled by the complex (I run hot!)
I have more than enough income coming from multiple streams, a bunch of savings (you get paid even if I lost ALL my streams of income in a post covid19 world), 752 FICO, and perfect renters history.
I am transferring into Phoenix from out of state, currently slated to begin working right around 10.15
I have family who can view the apartment and I'm comfortable signing a lease well before arriving in PHX.
Would highly appreciate you good folks spreading the word if possible :-)

Thanks team!!!
submitted by user12415 to PHXList [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 17:36 motherrofcats best neighborhoods to be car free

I’m curious about which neighborhoods would be considered “good” for someone that’s car free. I’ve been using downtown on Google Maps as a litmus test for public transportation, btw, so that’s what I’m basing the commute off of. Just wanting to get a local’s perspective on this!
Also, perspective on any neighborhoods I’m missing/the walkability of the ones listed? (I got the names of the various neighborhoods from Trulia, so apologies in advance if any of these are inaccurate!)
Strip District (not worried about commuting for this one), North Oakland, Perry South, Spring Hill - City View, Fine View, Bluff (West Oakland?), Southside Flats, Southside Slopes, Mount Washington
These seem like cool neighborhoods, but probably not the best for commuting via public transportation?
Knoxville/Mount OliveBon Air Dormont/Beechview/Brookline
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2020.09.27 08:05 OverlordWaffles Should I "fire" my Realtor or Did I Commit A Faux Pas?

I didn't realize that this post would be this long, sorry for the long wall of text.
I will be a first time homebuyer.
So I recently moved to Florida and my parent's are allowing me to live with them for the time being until I can find a house. I decided to go with the agent that my parent's found at an open house, that would make an offer on a completely different property, (the one they live in now) since I am new to the state and don't really have anyone to give me a referral or advice on who to use.
I am looking for a pool home and I am pre-approved for 200k (the number can be stretched to 220 with finagling but I'm not comfortable with this number based on my personal financials, so 200 is where I'm at). My buyer's agent said there isn't a whole lot on the market within my price range for what I want so it's slim pickings and the market is hot right now. That's understandable since interest rates are so low and people being stuck at home due to COVID.
He has essentially given me an MLS link that doesn't seem to have a whole lot (for 3 different areas I was looking, it was 3, 5, and 7 homes so a total of 15). There were a lot that I found doing my own looking through Zillow, Realtor, Redfin, and Trulia, which did include some a little over my max amount. My thoughts are if for some reason it's listed long enough/the price drops or it's close enough to my max, we might have a chance at getting it.
I've sent him 5 listings I saw, asking him what he thought. Any of them that were over max he said I would not be able to get due to the market being so hot. Ok, I guess. I decide to just keep looking (His MLS lists are basically worthless I feel).
I then found one right in my price range, but just below max, and I send it to him and want to look at it since it had just hit the market that day. According to him, where the house was was in an area he wasn't the most familiar with but he knew a lady up there that is awesome and can show it to me. I told him I can show up right after work if we could, and he had the other lady call me. I tour the property, like it, and end up submitting an official offer at my max (it was a tad above their asking, so I wanted to make sure that I put everything I could an not be beat out by a few hundred dollars if that was the case). Well, I'm informed, by the lady I was referred to, the next morning that they received multiple offers at a considerably higher amount than mine and they went with another. I bet that had to be a record, selling within 24 hours of listing hah.
Feeling a little sad but also "Eh, what can you do?" I decide to keep looking periodically while I'm at work. I found a house listed for 230k (my max is 200), has been listed for a week, and sent it to my agent (back to the male, this is in his area). He doesn't respond for 4 hours, asked how the offer went and if I heard back yet (even though in the text I sent him, I started off by saying that I was beat out by another buyer). I reiterated my message and he said he hadn't read it yet but saw that he had a missed call and a voicemail from me so he decided to call right away (right, like 4 hours later is "right away". A simple text back acknowledging my text/call and letting me know he was busy and would get back to me as soon as he could would have been appropriate, in my opinion).
I bring the 230k home back into the conversation and he once again tells me it's out of my price range and that he was looking at some other homes at around 200k that don't have a pool, and some even being brand new built homes, and suggests I look at those with the possibility of adding my own pool afterwards. Honestly, I don't want to have to try to do that then possibly find out I can't build it. One horror story is my parent's bought their home and planned on doing just that, but also with an addition. It has been a nightmare for them and ground hasn't even been broke and they've been going around and fighting for a year now trying to get this work done. They even decided to cut ties with the original builder (or contractor, not sure what you would officially call them) and is trying with another. Long story short on that, there just seems to be a lot of extra costs and a terrible time just to do this, so I do not want to go that route. My parent's have even joked that I would be getting a pool home before them and they've only been trying for the past year or so.
I let him know I didn't want to go that route based on my parent's experiences. He said it was a really crappy situation they're in but not all contractors are like that and he's sorry that it is causing them this much issue.
I then asked if we would be able to set up a showing for the house and he said again that it was out of my price range and it would be a waste of time. I said that it's been on the market for a week so maybe it's a little overpriced for the area and we have a shot if I like it.
(I do understand that offering 200k on a 230k listed house when its only been on the market for a week is a stretch.)
He said he knows the sellers wouldn't even entertain an offer that low in this market. I told him it doesn't hurt to try, if they reject it, then we're back at square one, nothing gained, nothing lost. He responded that it would be a waste of time and paperwork. He then asked how long I've been in my line of work. I answered "A few years, why?" He replied "I don't know how to say this without coming across...I've been doing this for over 20 years and I know these people won't go down that far"
Honestly, I wanted to reply "Did you fucking ask them already? Do you know their bottom line is? Huh, didn't think so." But I just said "valid point" because I didn't feel like arguing.
Aside from the time it takes to do a showing, it takes like what, 20 minutes to do the paperwork and have it signed? The offer paperwork that I filled out for the other house was pretty much a fill in the blank sheet, it's not like it has to be re-written every time. Is that such a huge waste of time? At that point in time, he hasn't shown me a single property.
I was kinda stewing when I went back to my desk and was telling my dad about the interaction. He suggested I just call the listing agent and ask if I can see the property, if only to see if it's even a place I would be interested in. I decided why the hell not, if I don't like it, I'll walk away like I planned. If I do like it, I'll see what they will accept. So I did so and set up a showing for the next day. My buyer's agent then sends me a text a couple hours after saying he set up a showing for the other property that's within my budget.
I asked the listing agent if there were any offers on the property and she said there weren't. They had a few verbal desires but nothing official. I tour the property, wrote out a list of pros and cons, and I'm really interested in it. I toured the other one with my original buyer's agent late this afternoon. It's listed at like 194k but honestly with how much work and the updating it needs (and based on stuff the owner was rattle canning on the lanai and the two non-running cars out front, one in the driveway and one in the grass), I would only feel comfortable offering like 130k. I also feel like the owner was a DIY-er style guy and wouldn't trust he didn't ghetto-rig something together that I don't know about and it biting me in the ass later on. This property had been on the market for like 52 days already and my agent seemed to want me to give an answer right there if I wanted to make an offer and how much. He started saying he could probably get me a good deal by getting them down by 10k from asking (which like I mentioned, 130k is probably the most I would pay, also considering it's a 2 bedroom).
To wrap it up, do you guys think I should "fire" him and did I commit a sort of faux pas by going around him and calling the listing agent directly to get a showing, or is he doing what's normal or a good job and I'm just not understanding his advice?
I appreciate any feedback or comments/questions you guys may have. I'm not entirely confident in what I'm doing here, I'm nervous I'm really messing up here.
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2020.09.26 20:48 happypuppy100 Help! How do you go about effectively finding specifically studios/flats/1-bedrooms?

Hey how's it going, I'm looking for sites where you can filter specifically by studios/flats/1-bedrooms
Help is appreciated
Filter specifically by studios/flats/1-bedrooms can't be done on CL / FB
As said by others:
CL needs to be better. I hate that when you put in all correct search criteria for a 1 bedroom apt in housing (not shared housing) you still get mostl ads from jerks who put their roommate search in wrong category. No people, renting a room in your established apt is not same as a stand alone apartment!
People put a room in their house a one bedroom one bathroom apartment.

i'm on a one-woman-crusade to report all assholes who post roommate shares on cl. i glance at cl at least once a week to check on whether rents are dropping more, and i report every single one, but it takes multiple flags to take it down.

Agree that FB sucks; you can't filter for laundry or parking! Worthless....

These are random sites of unknown + varying quality and unsure if they're good for specifically studios/flats/1-bedrooms mentioned randomly by others: Streeteasy,, Apartment People, domu, Apartment List, Hotpads (.2), padmapper, Zillow rentals (.2) trulia rentals (.2), (.2), apodment, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Lovely
What's the most ful site to go about finding specifically studios/flats/1-bedrooms?

Another option a user mentioned if needed was "SRO" units but they said these don't always have the most stable safe people

Austrilia specific: in Canberra
Ireland specific:,
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2020.09.26 20:24 happypuppy100 Help! How do you find specifically studios/flats/1-bedrooms?

Hey how's it going, I'm looking for sites where you can filter specifically by studios/flats/1-bedrooms
Help is appreciated
Filter specifically by studios/flats/1-bedrooms can't be done on CL / FB
As said by others:
CL needs to be better. I hate that when you put in all correct search criteria for a 1 bedroom apt in housing (not shared housing) you still get mostl ads from jerks who put their roommate search in wrong category. No people, renting a room in your established apt is not same as a stand alone apartment!
People put a room in their house a one bedroom one bathroom apartment.

i'm on a one-woman-crusade to report all assholes who post roommate shares on cl. i glance at cl at least once a week to check on whether rents are dropping more, and i report every single one, but it takes multiple flags to take it down.

Agree that FB sucks; you can't filter for laundry or parking! Worthless....

These are random sites of unknown + varying quality and unsure if they're good for specifically studios/flats/1-bedrooms mentioned randomly by others: Streeteasy,, Apartment People, domu, Apartment List, Hotpads (.2), padmapper, Zillow rentals (.2) trulia rentals (.2), (.2), apodment, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Lovely
What's the most ful site to go about finding specifically studios/flats/1-bedrooms?

Another option a user mentioned if needed was "SRO" units but they said these don't always have the most stable safe people

Austrilia specific: in Canberra
Ireland specific:,
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2020.09.26 18:55 eternalwinter3000 Looking for Resources to Search for Rental Options

I'm having difficulty finding a place to live in Springfield. I was trying my best to avoid Chatham Hills (aka Candles) and the parent company ended up buying out my current apartment building, go figure. I'm looking for a 1-2 bedroom, relatively Upscale apt/townhome/single family home, whatever. My search has led me to Lake Pointe Apartments, Cardinal Ridge, and Lincoln Tower- but availability has been an issue for months, and my deadlines are closing in.
I'm looking primarily on the west-side- in proximity to White-Oaks. Even further like Chatham works, but I have a feeling that I'm missing out on a lot opportunities by doing all my searching online. Is there a go-to place for local home/property owners who rent their properties or somewhere other than Trulia, Zillow, and Craigslist feels so shady, that I don't know what to believe. I know these posts are a dime a dozen, but hopefully someone can help. I appreciate ya!
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2020.09.26 04:10 mynonymouse How about a McCabin?

How about a McCabin?
New here. Hope I'm doing this right. LOL.
8500 square feet and asking $2,200,00 in a gated "golf course community" in the mountains of AZ. I might note that the price is not the highest I've ever seen anything listed in this particularly community, but it's way up there.
Edit to add: Fake log siding (real wood, fake logs), stone veneer, and a WOOD SHINGLE roof. This area has a long history of extreme wildfires, and the fire danger is so high they often simply close the surrounding national forests for a month or so during the worst of summer. Nearly everyone who can afford it has a metal roof up here; even middle class families spring for them.
Hope they have good insurance LOL.
Listing here:
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2020.09.26 00:45 A325 Would anyone have insight as to what is going on with with this listing for 148 acres with an asking price of $55,900?

MLS 220024079
This listing is haunting me as I cannot figure out what the game is here. There are all kinds of fucky things going on besides the price, such as the property listing agent in the Home Details is not the current listing agent, the land is listed as 148 acres under Home Details, but 2.50 acres under Home Features. Is this just a super sloppy listing? Some sort of scheme to get prospective buyers to contact the agent? Could there be something so horrible about the land to make it unusable?
Thanks in advance for any and all opinions!
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2020.09.25 23:41 r7890r Found the best house decoration

So I was thinking if I won the lottery where would I live this winter. I found this house near Squaw, check out photos 3&4 for a gondola cabin inside your living room. I can't afford anything like this house but its my new ambition. :)
submitted by r7890r to skiing [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 21:12 kr1821 Apps/Sites to find apartments

What are some good apps and/or sites to find apartments? I only know of Trulia and that's about it
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2020.09.25 19:20 dreydin Thinking about moving to Port A

Hello. I've been offered a pretty good job in the area and I'm thinking about moving to Port A. I've been living in Seattle (getting crummy) for the last 2 years and the 2 years prior were in Hoquiam, WA (depressingly drab). Anything I should know? After some research I see that the area is in a bit of a rain shadow which is nice. Annual rainfall in Aberdeen is 76, 38 in Seattle and 25 Port A. Housing looks expensive and limited? Any recommendations on where to look for rentals or just check the typical places like CL and Zillow / Trulia etc? I love cycling and could look forward to the Olympic Discovery Trl, Lake Crescent and BB ferrying to Victoria when that opens back up. Are there any other ferries that leave the port? What about food? Any great not so expensive restaurants there? Also, how do you pronounce Angeles? An-gel-ez? Like LA? Girlfriend and I have been disagreeing about that. Thanks!
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2020.09.25 14:12 3mikey3 [advice] anyone rented with Lofts & Flats LLC?

i’m looking for an apartment in Bushwick & I found a place on Trulia & have been messaging an agent from ‘Lofts & Flats LLC’ and the Google reviews are hit or miss but here’s the hiccup;
the agent told me they were from ‘Doorway LLC’ which when you Google you’ll realize is just another company owned by Lofts & Flats with not a lot of info and only 3 followers on Instagram lol.
I was wondering if anyone has rented with them before or if they believe this is another nyc reality scam. im suppose to visit the apartment today so we’ll see!
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2020.09.25 00:03 Code3LI (Suffolk) First time home buyers (potentially). How INACCURATE are the online apps?

My wife and I were pre-approved for $400k the other day (in total we make around $95k-$100k combined). We are currently house hunting, mainly online (but we are talking with a realtor as well). How INACCURATE are these apps like Trulia, Zillow, etc?
And how the Hell do people make it here with the average salaries that we have? I feel like we may be house poor, at least initially, depending on taxes.
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2020.09.24 16:26 MiamiRealestatetoday Miami Real Estate, Real estate property in Miami, Miami Real estate market, Miami Beach real estate, Cheap house for sale in Miami, House for sale in Miami Dade County, Realtors in Miami Dade county

Miami Real Estate is always a great investment. Learn about Miami Beach investment property opportunities and why Miami is perfect for investors and homeowners.
Looking for the best real estate company in Miami? Here it is Miami Real estate today.

Selling Your Miami Area Home?

Why use Delia Cancel to represent you in the home selling process?

Experienced: We have years of real estate experience from new home builder sales to resale.
Connected: Full-time agent in the local real estate community with a vast network of buyers and sellers.
Service with Results: Step-by-step assistance, helping you sell your property for the highest possible price and under the best terms.
Knowledgeable: Expert area knowledge. Local resident realtor in Miami

Getting Started

The first time we meet, we will discuss what your selling objectives are. This is a good time to ask questions, and I will give you an idea of what to expect during the selling process. We will discuss preliminary ideas for pricing and house preparations. I will provide you with a complete Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) for your property.

You're ready to Sell Your Home

Once you decide you are ready, we will review and sign a standard Listing Agreement. We will also complete all of the mandatory disclosure forms. I will arrange for any necessary inspections.

Preparing Home/Property

Before putting your home on the market, we want to ensure it is most attractive to potential buyers. Knowing how to showcase and accentuate the best features of your home, without incurring unnecessary expense, is at the core of what I do. I will provide you with a detailed Home Preparation Consultation and a Selling Tips Sheet. As we walk through your property, we will discuss minor repairs, curb appeal tips, staging, and making your property feel welcoming to potential buyers. If staging is necessary, I will share some options based on your property.

Determining List Price

Pricing your home competitively, at the start, will create more activity among brokers and buyers and lead to a more successful sale.
Establishing the value and list price for your property involves researching and comparing similar properties and weighing factors including location, condition, amenities, and market conditions. We will arrive at a competitive price aimed at generating strong buyer activity.

Marketing Your Home

Understanding where buyers come from allows me to market your property competitively. Creating excitement in the marketplace through consistent and aggressive marketing efforts and integrating online and offline efforts is key to a successful sale. My maximum exposure marketing plan includes: Comprehensive Internet marketing through our site,,,, and dozens others.
Also, public open houses & brokers tours, yard signage, and property feature sheet; local newspaper ads; sales agent network; and customized property marketing. I will remain in constant communication with you and give you progress reports on showings and all activity.

Processing the Sale & Closing

The complexities of processing transactional documents will be made very easy for you through my continuous guidance and communication. I will review all offers and terms of each offer with you and negotiate on your behalf so that you obtain the highest possible price for your home while limiting your exposure and protecting your bests interests.
Once your home is in escrow I will prepare all seller required disclosures and reports, attend appraisal with recent comparables to support your purchase price, and make sure all contingencies and repair requests are removed in a timely manner per the contract. Communication between us is imperative and I can assure you that you will be informed every step of the way.

Close of Escrow

Congratulations, you have now sold your home! I will provide you with helpful moving hints and also be there to answer any questions. I am always available to help you should a question arise after the close of escrow and I want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.
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2020.09.24 03:31 Tipper10 Where to live in Winston-Salem

Hey there! I’m attending Wake Forest come August 2021 and I was wondering what areas to look in/who to contact to find a nice home for rent. I’ve looked on Zillow and Trulia but just wondering what locals think:) Looking for a 2-3 bedroom home under $1200/month (under $1000 preferred though), pet friendly, hardwood flooring, fireplace, screened in porch or balcony, etc. Anyone know who I could contact or where I could look to find a home that has these things? Thank you in advance!:)
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2020.09.23 12:16 danielwray Moving from Texas and looking for rental resources

What are the best resources or websites people use to rent apartments, townhomes, or houses in the area? I'm relocating to Albuquerque for work in the next few weeks and craigslist seems to be full of rent to own scams, Trulia not having much of a selection, and not knowing if someone is trustworthy enough on Facebook.
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Trulia -

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„Jeszcze Cię nie ma”- utwór dzięki któremu zespół wszedł do medialnego mainstreamu, oraz zapisał się w historii polskiej muzyki rozrywkowej. 9 czerwca 2018 r... Dulaglutide (Trulicity) is a new once weekly GLP-1 analogue, used for treatment of patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. This video explains how to use the... Zamów debiutancki album Zespołu Tulia 👉🏻 W październiku 2017 roku zespól DEPECHE MODE opublikował na swoim oficjalnym fan page ... W grudniu mija rok od czasu, kiedy rozpoczęła się nasza przygoda. Tuż przed świętami, po raz pierwszy stanęłyśmy przed kamerą. Utworem od którego zaczęłyśmy ... Discover a home and a neighborhood where you will love to live. We are proud and slightly nervous. Please spend with us four and a half minutes of your precious time. Feel what we felt when we were recording this song. Fe... Autorski singiel zespołu Tulia, promujący edycję deluxe debiutanckiego albumu pt. 'Tulia'. Autorski album zespołu Tulia: ... Billy, Sierra, and Jetty here and we live on a BOAT! We have sailed up and down the east coast, all of the Bahamas and through the Caribbean. We started this... Want a FREE Copy of the contract I've used since 2003? Text the word CONTRACT to 833-439-9632 Need the Closing Detail Sheet I send to title companies and clo... Buy the official DVD: Add or download the song to your own playlist: Download the alb...