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Dark already, I am not sure what to expect...

2020.03.10 00:30 Mantonythe1st Dark already, I am not sure what to expect...

I'm alone in the cabin now. The sun went down just a few minutes ago and already a sense of dread has set in, causing me to look around the room constantly and flinch at every shadow that moves in the flickering candlelight.
All I can think to do to keep myself sane is to start typing. There is no TV here and I have barely any data left, so surfing the web is out of the question. Posting this to Reddit should use almost no data at all though, so that should be fine. I need to share what's happening with someone and maybe I can get some comforting comments back...if there's time.
All I want is to do is switch the light on...if only the generator hadn't died during the day. Boy do I wish it was still daytime. In the daytime, I was shocked and horrified because of everything that had happened, but at least it was a bright sunny day and with that came a sense of control - in the daylight you can see your surroundings and know to a degree that you're relatively safe. But when the light disappears, it feels as if all the things that hide in the shadows suddenly have free reign.
If only I could find an answer to what was going on. Just twelve hours earlier we were all splashing around in the lake just outside - the one viewable from where I'm sitting. Now, instead of a sparkling blue lake outside the window, I'm looking at a completely black expanse that feels as if it holds everything I fear within it, ready to pounce out into view any second.
They tried to warn us, but we thought they were just trying to mess with us. When we stopped for fuel just outside the woods, some of the locals told us that the place we were heading for was deadly - a place holding some kind of evil that no one could explain. We just laughed at them.
We carried on and settled into the cabin. We had our fun and made some memories, but it was all for nothing...if I die here then those memories die with me.
I wish I could just run, but I'm much too deep into the woods to get anywhere near civilisation before it got me...whatever IT is. And of course I've tried the car that we drove here in, but just like the generator it has stopped working for seemingly no reason.
I'm trying to take my mind off of what happened, which is why I haven't written about it yet. I don't think it's any good though, I just can't get it out of my mind...maybe writing about it instead will help me to deal with it. The truth is, I'm not sure exactly what it is that happened. All I know is that something evil operates in the shadows.
We were just chilling out after a swim and enjoying some beers from the cooler when Kim said she was getting too hot, so she went to find shade. I could see her from where I sat, so I watched as she found a particularly shaded spot. She just fell down instantly, as if something hiding in the dark had got her.
I tried to call for an ambulance while Liam rushed inside the cabin to find a first aid box. Of course, there was no signal. Sam and I waited around for a good few minutes before I decided to go and see where Liam had got to. I went inside and found a very small room that was totally dark inside due to there being no windows connecting this room to the outside. I switched on the light as I entered - something that Liam failed to do in his rush - and saw my old friend slumped over a small desk with a first aid box in his grasp.
Sam and I had no idea what to do. We checked Kim and Liam thoroughly and there was no doubt that they were dead. We left them where they died as neither of us wanted to touch a dead body. I feel awful now...I think we should have layed them somewhere neatly out of respect, or maybe buried them, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to go near the bodies after we realised they were dead.
We tried to figure out what was going on. Neither of us had any idea, but we did agree on one thing - there was a killer. It may not have been human, but it was something that lives in shadows and kills without thought. How did we know it was a killer? We could sense...something. Something evil. Not a ghost, or an axe-wielding hillbilly...something more like a creature made of pure energy. I don't know how I know that. You know when you just get a vibe about something?
Back to the story. Before long, the sun started to set. The trees were casting long shadows and we tried our best to stay out of them. We found that the generator had stopped working and so had the car, so we had no lights and no way to get out of this place. Unfortunately for Sam, he was the one who tried the he sat in the driver's seat and the sun sank slowly down, he became enveloped in the shade of the car's roof. Perfectly safe outside the car in the dimming light of the sunset, I watched in horror as he went limp, his head fell back, and his mouth hung open.
From that point on, I was alone.
How the killer kills is a mystery to me, as is why it does so. What puzzles me just as much is why the creature, whatever it is, has the tendancy to take its kills to the heart of its lair and arrange them into poses like creepy dolls. I realised too late exactly where its lair was - I only came into the cabin to find a light source before the sun went down and I just had time to light this candle before it got dark. Now I'm kinda stuck here, despite turning around after lighting the candle to realise that I was surrounded by my friends.
At least now that it's dark I can only see what's in my immediate vicinity, so I'm currently looking out into complete darkness instead of at my friends' corpses. ... Actually, I think that might be worse - knowing that they are out there in the dark somewhere. My skin is crawling as I constantly picture their dead faces appearing in the dim light. I know it won't happen, but I can't help but picture it.
Oh, crap! I couldn't stand looking out into the dark anymore, so I just looked down at my candle and it's been burning a lot quicker than I expected... it's right near the bottom. I probably have just minutes until it goes out. And I know what will happen then...
I'm going to send this post now, because if this candle goes out then no one will ever know what happened here. I'd like to say goodbye to my family and I just want to say that
Oh no! The candle is diming as I tyoe£. No tme to tyoe a propler goobye to ths wold. Postng ut now2
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2016.10.24 11:05 ssewok Paragon 42 Heros + Upcomming analyze

Hey guys!,
So.. Me and my friend went searching for some hints or tips for the next hero's and we've put them in a spreadsheet this includes some info we found. we will keep updating if anything changes in the files so you guys keep on track as well :) THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL JUST SOME RESCEARCH AND THINKING WE FOUND THIS IN THE DATA FILES!!
Spoiler spreadsheet
V33.1 data will be searched today + added if new info is there
--End Updates--
Goobye and leave a reply if you want
PS! i am searching for some fun team mates to play with too i am dutch so if interrested mail me ;3
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2015.04.30 19:14 Brunonotthatbruno [Misc] I just got my heart destroyed by KSP.

First of all, im a new player, i dont know anything, im just trying to share my first traumatical experience in career mode k?
It was me and jeb. The plan is, Me and Jeb are going to space, going to orbit, to colect a whole lotta data for much needed science, cause we need that research before we can launch our first satelite, and so, we MUST make it work.
The spacecraft was simple. A capsule, a lab, goo, termometers, an antena, our brave and strong jeb and his space suit, 3 stages of rockets and enough fuel acording to my glorious calculations.
Stage 1. The launch begins with a single solid fuel rocket. Stage 2. Things are looking bad, the ship is trying to go out of control but man, no one will stand between jeb, me, and that sweet science. Out of fuel, decouple. Stage 3. We get up to 75km and start aiming prograde... I guess its prograde. Now im crossing my fingers a lot. Fuel is at half, not on orbit yet. Fuel on 30%, no orbit. Shit shit SHIT OH YES BABY ORBIT! ohh i guess i have only 10% of my fuel, that might not be enough but whatever atm im just happy as fuck.
Now i begin to research, colect data, eva reports, science lab, thermomethers, transmitting stuff, looking around enjoying the beauty of it... Me and jeb having a good time. In this moment, and all the others, im literally talking to myself like im a super friendly and talkative houston and jeb is ma boi. Damn it feels good, but time to go back now.
I try to remeber how the hell im supposed to go back. I guess its not aiming towards the planet and going full rocketaroo right?! Ooooohhh yeees, retrograding time. Me and jeb are right at the highest point of the orbit and we start shooting back. I have 20 units (wut) of liquid Fuel and acording to the info this shit consumes 1.5 per sec and does not give me that much thrust so this might go to OH DAMN I WAS WRONG there is even SPARE FUEL! I can even fix my shitty try to aim at the space station! YESSSSS LETS GOO JEEB!
Reentry begins, and i start singing some interstellar shit cause im really excited. Poiting towards kerbin, figuring how to deploy my landing stuff, and saying goobye to my dear space. Ohhh things are getting red. this is nice jeb. Looks cool. [INNER HANS ZIMMER INTENSIFIES]. Ohh boy its looking good. We are going doown, yeeeah JEB WE DID IT JEB WE DID IT WR ARE ALMOST THERE JEB! KABOOOM WHAAT!? JEB WHOA WHAT HOW WHY!? NO ONE FREAKING TOLD ME REENTRY HEAT IS A PROBLEM. Wheres jebs pod? I cant seeKABOOM OH GOD NO, JEB?! JEB! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo...
I noped the fuck out. I lost the science, my hapiness, some money, my ship... I lost... Jeb... I couldnt do it. I deleted my savegame and now im here lying on my bed writting this on my phone. Man i love not knowing shit in this game... pumped up to start a new one, now with some more knowledge. Im sorry for my shitty english, its not my native language. Ty and fly safer than me.
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2013.07.31 17:11 Kataclysm I wonder, does she call the USPS when her mailbox is empty?

So working tech support, and this call just came in.
Me: "Thank you for calling DerpInternet, my name is Kataclysm, how can I assist you?"
Customer: "Yes, I just checked my inbox, and it's empty, could you please check to make sure it's working correctly?"
Me: "Okay, let me send you a test e-mail real quick, what's your E-mail address?"
Customer: "It's [email protected]."
Me: "Alright, it's sent, could you just do a quick send and receive and make sure you got it?'
Customer: "Wow, there it is! This has never happened before!"
Me: "Sounds like just a quiet day on the e-mail front, but it appears your e-mail is working just fine."
Customer: "Are you sure? My mailbox is empty! Did you guys do something?"
Me: "No, we haven't made any changes to your account at all, or to the mail system, and the fact that you received the e-mail from me means that we're processing any mail sent to you properly."
Customer: "This is just unnatural! No mail! Are you SURE there isn't anything wrong?"
Me: "No ma'am, I assure you that-"
Customer: "Oh! There's an e-mail from my sister! Okay, I guess it is working properly! Thank you, goobye!" Click
---- Edit ----
So the customer just called back in again.
Customer: "I just wanted to let you know that Derpmans Salesplace, all their computers are down, their phones are down, and my inbox is still not receiving many e-mails. I just want to let you know that there seems to be something going on with the internet."
Me: "I can assure you that there's nothing wrong with the internet as a whole, our system is working, and e-mail is coming and going with a normal flow ma'am. It's just your inbox is silent. As for Derpmans, it could just be a problem with their provider, an internal connection issue, or something else, unfortunately they're not our customer so I can't look into that."
Customer: "Well, I just wanted to let you know, with the NSA surveillance and whatnot, it seems like something is intercepting our data."
Me: "No ma'am, there's no interception of data going on, nobody is sending you mail. I appreciate you letting us know, but I can assure you, there is no problem with the internet as a whole."
TL;DR - Magical pine cones fall from the trees when you aren't looking, and if you eat one, you get super powers. Or cancer. It's 50/50.
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