Hit dejting

Saker att göra under alla hjärtans dag?

2020.02.08 21:09 ScandinavianA Saker att göra under alla hjärtans dag?

Yo yo yo yo. Orkar inte höra på alla ballader på melodifestivalen så spenderar min lördagskväll här istället. Som titeln lyder vill jag gärna veta några bra aktiviteter (i Stockholm) som jag och min dejt kan göra under alla hjärtans dag. Hit me!
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2019.10.13 22:00 swe_kuma Dejt idéer för nyinflyttad

Tjo, studerar på första universitet och har börjat träffa en person, men jag har ju nyss flyttat hit och har ingen idé på vad man skulle kunna göra på en dejt här. Letar också efter något bra restaurang/café till en dejt. Tack i förhand
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2018.07.06 03:16 328382943 Ranked servants np gain split by card

The number is just from multiplying np gain per hit by hit count and a quick or arts boosting passive. Skills or NPs that increase the amount of np you get from cards are mentioned on the right.
To see how much you will actually get you can go to https://kazemai.github.io/fgo-vz/np_get.html
If you want to compare different card types to each other, the formula is
NP% per hit = Round Down(Round Down(offensiveNPRate * (firstCardBonus + (cardNpValue * (1 + cardMod))) * enemyServerMod * (1 + npChargeRateMod) * criticalModifier) * overkillModifier)
from http://blogs.nrvnqsr.com/entry.php/3306-How-much-NP-do-I-get-in-combat
cardNPvalue is
Card First Second Third
Arts 3 4.5 6
Quick 1 1.5 2
Buster 0 0 0
Extra 1
cardNPvalue is multiplied by cardMod which is Arts/Quick buff then, 1 is added if arts is first, then it is mulitplied with everything else.
You can see without buffs and depending on if you put Arts first or not, Arts gives 2-3 times more than Quick per hit and with Arts first, Quick gives 2-3 times more than Buster per hit.
Extra thing: You get 2x the np if you crit and 1.5x if you overkill
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2015.08.18 08:36 Chrisa16cc LiTC will be on sniper's in The Taken King

Noticed this while watching one of Datto's TTK info Videos.
I thought the Last Round nerf would completely remove one hit body shot's but it appears not.
What do people think? would this be a roll people reforge for?
At least it won't be as cheap as emptying two round for guaranteed one hits.
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